Educational, technological terms glossary from H to O

You might call them funny tech terms, but they are technical terms used in the education industry. You should understand them well so that you know when to use which term.

• Hybrid learning: It refers to an educational model whereby some students come to class in person while others learn remotely. With hybrid learning it can combine synchronous learning without incorporating asynchronous elements of learning like discussion boards, online forums, and other digital content pieces.
• Instructional technology:It is a field for creating technologies to assist in learning and instruction. It covers hardware and software that is required to make instruction to be dynamic and easy as it can be for students and teachers alike.
• LMS – learning management systems: It is a kind of software application for covering the tracking, administration, and delivery of educational courses or student lectures. While students are winding up their work, the LMS can move them together in a process that is mapped out. It includes related materials, textbooks, and some online tests as well as quizzes, which are all hipped in to the online portal.
• MOOCs – Massive online open courses: It is a course intended to have a variety of virtual participants as they can. It is a resource which is ungated and free so that, whoever is interested in whatever topic is being discussed, can freely join. In MOOCs there is a wider variety of communication that is allowed as well as a collaboration because of the number of users who are involved.
• OPM- online program management: It is a digital learning area whereby a company from outsid or a resource comes up with a course or a product for education in advance so that students can use it. The OPM can be bought through schools for use by students, or the students can buy for themselves.

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