POS and integration with inventory at warehouse

Normally a POS system is considered to be a system which is used to issue the receipts after bar code scanning. Additionally, it has a cash drawer. For a lay person, a best pos system might not be more than this but in reality modern day POS systems are much more than this and these systems provide you with a lot of information, especially in relation to inventory, sales and taxes. The online access of the software, i.e. the cloud computation would enable the software to directly hit the inventory in the system.

An additional control and managing the reorder quantities
This thing does not only provide you with update information all the timebut will also double check the inventory by imposing a control over it. Every transaction at POS system would track the inventory records and will issue reminders to the procurement team for reorders. Two benefits are achieved through this method, one is that the inventory would never go low beyond certain levels and the second is that the inventory would never be ordered beyond a certain limit, hence the warehouse costs would be reduced. A reduction in the warehouse costs would result in the increase of profits.

Change users with a single tap
Modern POS systems have another added advantage and that is these enable the employees to change the profile and users at asingle click. This increases the level of productivities and therefore less time is consumed.

Multiple reports through different cash registers
You can manage multiple cash registers now within the same POS system. This feature of advanced computer repair shop software allows you to manage the inventory at different priority levels. This is especially fruitful when you have ABC costing method and you want to generate reports for different inventory types separately.

Posted on May 8, 2020