Arlen Benny CenacJr Can Work As Your Inspiration

Belonging to Houma, Louisiana, & most recognized for his philanthropic activities, ArlenBenny Cenac Jr.. Is the third-generation possessor of this business founded by his secretary, Cenac Marine Services.

Cenac Marine Services was originally seen in 1927 since Cenac Towing Company, emphasizing marine transport of liquid oil barges. The ideals of this were based on customer care, efficiency, safety, and quality along with Arlen Benny Cenac Jr. , like a pioneer has driven the company through several business intricacies by taking the heritage of these ideals and maintaining employee satisfaction and fostering their sanity.
One of his

During His career, he is a vocal supporter of this recovery of coastal places. He has run various endeavors to rehabilitate the local economy of Louisiana and to store it out of the ailing aftereffects of coastal erosion.
Owns a property called Golden Ranch Farms, which he’s specialized in raising and breeding a variety of creatures.
Still another Commendable effort he has made is that the construction of a set of flood control arrangements to regulate salt water intrusion and coastal erosion. This was a act of fulfilling his lifelong promise of protecting the immaculate coasts of Louisiana for its next creation.

His Company, Apart from Cenac Marine Services also includes other business ventures at the gulf coastal region, including businesses in retail, agriculture, manufacturing, and also wholesale.

The long term Vision of the entire life was towards building a business local market. For this, he’s worked tirelessly to develop a strong and empathetic community in his own home town, Houma.

Posted on March 5, 2020